"Last night a DJ saved my life"

[Lyrics from Indeep.]

In this blogsite, I have attempted to come from the direction of complexity theory that Taylor discusses and is demonstrative of the socio-communicative practices of online and offline networks.

"According to complexity theorists, all significant change takes place between too much and too little order. When there is too much order, systems are frozen and cannot change, and when there is too little order, systems distintegrate and can no longer function," (Taylor 14).

::for fun::

8 Track
Vinyl Record
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"Fragmentary writing is, ultimately, democratic writing. Each fragment enjoys an equal distinction. The most banal one finds its exceptional reader. Each, in its turn, has its hour of glory. Of course, each fragment could become a book. But the point is that it will not do so, for the ellipse is superior to the straight line." - From Baudrillard's Fragments: Cool Memories, 1990-1995

By mixing images and video, links and quotations, vernacular and academic registers, online and offline writing, words and code, I have attempted to DJ::SCRATCH my way into both representing and embodying that which has been the object of this exploration: experience of the LINE and of the CIRCLE.


DJs sample without marking the quotation; no brackets or punctuation define the space of the sound, making it free to travel its invisible trajectory without riot. A reference to a prior text is not made for authoritative legitimation or the (re)creation of power relations through citation. Excerpts are embedded for simply the pleasure of intertextual experience, the vibe of the listener/reader.

It’s all been dubbed before. Imagination is in the manipulation of the sampled sounds, the reworking into new rhythms, laying down of rhymes over drum and bass that dubs no bass with my head(trip) man. I write beats as I type into the keys –pound and pulsate—fingers type with a clackety-clack finger nail tap tap tap, as they scratch another written record of thoughts captured, a composition escaped from the confines of its own history, laying down memories like dropping beats. A letter is a note ripped from vinyl – your pupils move left to right as you read the rhythm, dancing with the prose like a partner in in-step with your own feet.


To make this MOVE, I've LINKED in lyrics like a DJ mixing beats, to achieve the best performance. As Lyotard asserts, "the best performativity...comes from arranging the data in a new way...achieved by connecting together series of data that were previously held to be independent," (Lyotard 51-52).

This "move" is an activity of articulating what used to be separate, a demonstration of IMAGINATION, of which SPEED is one of its properities (Lyotard 52).

Drive #2, 2004
Kathryn Cornelius
T610 mobile phone digital photograph

As such, my conclusion will circle back to the photograph, the flash of the camera that captures the MOBILITY of experience: "with still photographs the image is also an object, lightweight, cheap to produce, easy to carry about, accumulate, store," (Sontag 3).